Eunoia FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What exactly is "Eunoia"?
2. Can I use this site for free?
3. Is this a chat or a role-playing game?
4. Why does Eunoia have so many bugs?
5. Why can't I get into the chat?
6. What are Deltas and how do I earn them?
7. What is acceptable language and behavior for the chat?
8. Are there any rules or posted guidelines for this site?
9. What should I do if other users are bothering me?
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1. What exactly is "Eunoia"? [ Back to Top ]

Eunoia is a graphical chat program. All you need is a browser like Internet Explorer or FireFox and the latest Flash plugin. While you may use Eunoia for free, but we provide a subscription service that gives other options (keeping accounts open longer, access to custom poses and private rooms, and similar things). It's important to understand that in order to participate in this service you don't need any additional software or plugins. All that you need to use Eunoia is a modern web browser.

2.Can I use this site for free? [ Back to Top ]

Sure! As we mentioned above, the site is designed so that people can participate without first purchasing expensive software or even downloading proprietary plugins. All that you need is what you probably already have. However, even though Eunoia provides a free service, we reserve the right to restrict access to it or make changes to how it works without notice. Also, people who choose to purchase a subscription to Eunoia receive special benefits (such as access to other worlds, the ability to build more personal rooms in the location builder and other special permissions. If you would like to learn more about becoming a subscriber, click here.

3. Is this a chat or a role-playing game? [ Back to Top ]

Both. Our plans for Eunoia are to expand the role-playing aspect of this site, but this beta version is mostly a chat site. You may role-play if you like as long as you are not interfering with other users on the site. Please send any suggestions you have for RPG features to

4. Why does Eunoia have so many bugs? [ Back to Top ]

It's because we make mistakes. This is a beta version of Eunoia. That means that we are still changing stuff around, implementing new ideas, adding to and modifying the current code, and other technical stuff. That means that Eunoia is in the "testing phase". We hope to solve these bugs soon. If you notice any problems, please help us to fix it by reporting it to us. Please report errors on our support forum or by sending an email message to

5. Why can't I get into the chat? [ Back to Top ]

If you can't get in, it is probably for one of these reasons:
  • Your browser is not capable of running the code. Eunoia requires a browser that has a version 8 or greater Flash plugin installed. If you have an old browser, upgrade it. If you have a recent browser, check to make sure that you haven't disabled the Flash plugin in the configuration options. If you are running Internet Explorer, go to Microsoft's site and choose Download/Windows Upgrades. If you are surfing from a non-upgradable machine (like a WebTV), then you may be out of luck.
  • There is something between your machine and the server that is blocking or regulating internet traffic. If you have to use a proxy to surf around a firewall, then you probably won't be able to use Eunoia. Future versions may work around this known limitation.
  • If you used to be able to get in and now you can't, that can be caused by a corruption in your cache. Look in your internet options for a button that clears out your temporary files. Give that a try if all else fails.
  • It may be our fault. If you have checked all the possibilities above and are still seeing errors, email us at:

6. What are Deltas and how do I earn them? [ Back to Top ]

Deltas are credits on Eunoia.

7. What is acceptable language and behavior for the chat? [ Back to Top ]

"Acceptable" means that you are not annoying other users. If two users want to talk privately about something then that is their business. We have no intention to try to control what you say or do in private as long as everyone involved is there by choice. When you start annoying other users in a public area by what you say or do, then it becomes our problem. Want some privacy? Create a private room.

8. Are there any rules or posted guidelines for this site? [ Back to Top ]

Yes, the guidelines for using Eunoia are posted here.

9. What should I do if other users are bothering me? [ Back to Top ]

There are a lot of different solutions to this problem. First of all, if you are being harassed or threatened by someone on this site, you should report this to an administrator immediately and also take whatever other actions you feel are necessary to keep yourself safe. We won't tolerate threats of violence or similar sorts of behavior.

Fortunately, this sort of behavior is actually pretty rare on chat sites (contrary to what the media wants you to believe). People are here to have a good time, and they aren't looking for trouble. Most problems typically involve just rude or inconsiderate behavior. Many times the people that are "misbehaving" don't even realize that what they are doing isn't really appropriate. So, if you are faced with such rude or otherwise inappropriate behavior, keep calm and consider trying some of the following things:

First of all, try simply asking the person not to talk or act that way. That may seem too obvious to work, but it's a necessary first step. Be polite. Maybe they don't realize what they are doing isn't proper. 'Adult behavior' or conversations or other types of inappropriate behavior should not take place in public areas.

If asking the person to stop doesn't work, you should consider leaving that room and just going elsewhere in the chat. If, for example, you enter a location where the users are discussing something you find unpleasant, then choose to go somewhere else! After all, no one is making you stay in that room.

When all else fails, report the situation to a ranking member. They have the power to kick users from a chat if necessary, and even ban them from coming back.

It's important to stress that we will not tolerate illegal behavior. This includes, but certainly is not limited to, racist comments or other "hate" speech, obscene language, software piracy or hacking, and so forth. While we recognize that we can't control what people say on the Internet, we can take steps that will keep them off of this website and, if necessary, we can report their illegal behavior to the police. Also, keep in mind that this is a commercial enterprise, not a public park. We created this service, we own this service, we pay to keep it up and running and we can restrict access to it at any time and for any reason.

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